Adaptation of a questionnaire assessing factors related to type 2 diabetes advice by healthcare professionals


  • C. Silva
  • M. Marques
  • M.J. Gouveia


Background: Healthcare professionals play a key role in Type 2 diabetes management, by providing adequate advice on changing and maintaining health behaviors, and self-care. There are few studies examining behavior change factors in healthcare professionals, and currently there isn’t a Portuguese measure available to assess these factors. The aim of this study is to contribute to the validation of the Clinician Self-Reported Behavior Questionnaire (CSRBQ), developed by Eccles et al. (2011), which evaluates the psychosocial factors associated with the provision of nutritional advice, physical activity advice, and on-going education (e.g., self-efficacy). Methods: A mixed methods approach was used, using survey-based data collection and interviews with healthcare professionals. First, we analyzed the sensitivity and reliability of the measure in a sample of 74 healthcare professionals directly involved in type 2 diabetes consultations (medical doctors and nurses); afterwards, we examined the face validity of the instrument through the content analysis of 17 individual interviews. Findings: The Portuguese version of the CSRBQ shows acceptable psychometric properties on almost all scales, and it was generally accepted and well-received by the health care professionals. Findings from the interviews, suggested the need for adjustments in the questionnaire. Discussion: The CSRBQ can offer valuable information about the barriers and enablers of the provision of advice in type 2 diabetes by health care professionals. Future studies should test the questionnaire in a larger sample to test its validity.





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