Understanding Health Promotion Signposting for People With Psoriasis: the Application of Nudge Theory


  • C. Keyworth
  • P.A. Nelson
  • L. Cordingley
  • C.E.M. Griffiths
  • C.Bundy


Background:Psoriasis is associated with cardiovascular disease risk thereby making lifestyle behaviour change (LBC) key to its management. Environmental cues can nudge people into healthier lifestyle choices. If and how signposting and health information displays within health care centres is using this knowledge is unknown. We systematically examined LBC signposting in health centre waiting areas for general and specific health messages for patients with psoriasis. Methods:We analysed the quantity and quality of messages in health leaflets, posters and signposting to LBC. Findings:Across 24 health centres 262 sources of LBC information were recorded (median per site = 10, range= 0-40). These were mainly: generic posters/displays of LBC support (n = 113); and generic materials in waiting areas (n = 98). Information quality was poor and badly displayed, with no high quality psoriasis-specific patient materials. Discussion: Evidence about using environmental cues to prompt LBC does not currently inform the design and display of LBC information in standard health centre settings. Future research should test the impact of good quality information on psoriasis and other health outcomes.






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