Mother’s Emotional Reactions and her Child’s Health


  • E. Nikolaeva
  • V. Merenkova


It is known that mother’s emotional reaction maturity is the main factor of the child’s psychological health. After birth, most children in Russia are given one or another diagnosis. By the end of the child’s first 2 years of life these earlier diagnoses are dismissed by specialists. The purpose of the research was to analyze, which parameters of mother’s emotional reaction influence on the child’s diagnoses dismissing. Overall 100 mother-child pairs with the child in the first 2 years of life were participants. To analyze the heart rate variability of mothers in emotional situation, we recorded heart rate variability. Two consecutive recordings of 300 R-R intervals (a fixed number, making it possible to successfully evaluate the high and low frequency waves of the heart rate) were made. The first record was made in the rest situation and during the second records mothers were asked about their children health. We have analyzed some additional characteristics: the number of children in families, mother’s level of education and her age. Regression analysis showed that the more mother’s level of education and her age is the more probability of her child’s diagnose dismissing. The less her heart rhythm rigidity during both the rest and emotional situation is the better her child’s health.The research was supported by the grant RGNF N14-16-48005 and 14-06-00195






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