Effects of Conscientiousness on Sleep and Sleep Quality: a Daily Diary Investigation


  • D. O'Connor


Background Conscientiousness predicts longevity and better health outcomes. Health behaviours have been found to account, in part, for these positive relationships. However, little or no research has explored the effects of conscientiousness on sleep and sleep quality. This study, using a daily diary design, investigated the effects of conscientiousness on sleep outcome measures. Method Two hundred and forty-five participants completed a baseline measure of conscientiousness followed by a 7 day daily diary, providing daily reports of stressors experienced as well as hours slept, sleep quality and efficiency and mood. Findings As predicted, hierarchical linear modelling found cross-level interactions indicating that higher levels of conscientiousness were associated with better daily sleep quality measures, though, not number of hours slept. At baseline, conscientiousness and its facets were also associated with better sleep efficiency and overall sleep quality. Discussion These findings indicate that conscientiousness, and its facets, may influence health status directly by influencing sleep quality and efficiency.






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