With a Little Help From my Friends - why the Beatles Where Right or how Self-regulation and Social Support Make Intentions Reality


  • J. Paech
  • Sonia Lippke


Background: Although many people know that an active lifestyle contributes to health they fail to translate their intention into action. This has been explained by deficits in health literacy such as enabling social support, planning and self-regulation in the face of barriers. The present study examines the role of received social support, planning and self-regulation in facilitating physical activity. Methods: In a prospective online study (N = 1660), intention was assessed at baseline, planning and social support at 4-week follow-up, self-regulation and physical activity at 6-month follow-up. A path analysis was conducted including intention, received support, planning and self-regulation to predict physical activity. Findings: Received support, planning and self-regulation mediated the link from intention to physical activity, the total indirect effect was significant (b = 5.38, CI 95% [2.76; 9.29]). Discussion: In the present sample received social support, planning and self-regulation bridged the intention-behavior gap. To support behavior change and maintenance health literacy should be enhanced in vulnerable individuals (cf. www.irohla.eu)






Oral presentations