Using a Proactive Dissemination Strategy to Optimize Reach of an Internet-delivered Lifestyle Intervention


  • F. Schneider
  • D.N. Schulz
  • L.H.L. Pouwels
  • H. de Vries
  • L.A.D.M. van Osch


Background: In order to optimize reach of Internet-delivered lifestyle interventions it is important to invest in proactive dissemination strategies. The present study used a proactive dissemination strategy by embedding an Internet-delivered lifestyle intervention in an existing online health monitoring system. Methods: Dutch adults were invited to participate in the Adult Health Monitor (N = 96,388). A prospective design was used to determine levels of reach. Furthermore, adequacy of reach was assessed by composing detailed profiles of intervention users. Findings: A total of 16.940 people participated, of which more than half indicated their interest (n=54%) and 5.168 actually participated in the Internet-delivered lifestyle intervention. Males, older respondents and higher educated respondents were significantly more likely to participate in the intervention. Furthermore, results indicated that especially participants with a relatively healthier lifestyle and a healthy BMI were likely to participate. Discussion: Even though high levels of reach were ensured, reach among at-risk individuals remained modest. It is essential to further optimize reach among these subgroups.






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