‘On Your Feet to Earn Your Seat!’ Development of a Sedentary-reduction Intervention for Older Adults


  • I. Thuné-Boyle
  • S. Iliffe
  • M. Hamer
  • B. Jefferis
  • J. Wardle
  • N. Tyler
  • B. Gardner


Background This study describes the development of a habit-formation intervention of low-level physical activities for sedentary older adults, to achieve long-term activity gains and reduce sedentary behaviour. Method An intervention leaflet was developed in four stages: 1) a multidisciplinary expert panel generated physical activity tips; 2) a focus group of ten adults aged 60-75 discussed the tips; 3) a panel of 21 adults aged 63-85 rated tips and a motivational text for readability, difficulty, motivation and performance likelihood (1=least, 4=most positive); 4) acceptability is currently (Dec 13-Apr 14) being tested among 30 sedentary adults aged 60+. Findings Stage 1 generated 18 tips covering walking, stretching, strength, balance and limiting sitting. Removing tips viewed unfavourably (Stage 2) reduced the tips to ten, which were judged (stage 3) to be readable (mean=3.38), easy (2.95), motivating (2.82), and likely to be performed (2.95). Photos were added to the leaflet for clarity. So far, stage 4 data suggest older adults are motivated and able to incorporate the tips into everyday routines. Discussion Effects on behaviour and health are to be tested in a pilot RCT.






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