Patient Experiences of Free Internet-based Weight Loss Interventions


  • S. van Beurden
  • S. Simmons
  • A. Mewse
  • C. Abraham
  • J. Tang
  • C. Greaves


Background. Research on eHealth applications is growing fast, but little is known about people’s experiences with internet-based weight loss interventions. The current study explored experiences with these interventions to provide a better understanding of the facilitators and barriers to adherence. Method. Semi-structured recorded interviews were conducted with 20 primary care patients who were offered lifestyle advice and access to three free internet-based weight loss programmes. The interviews focused on experiences with the interventions during a 4-week period. Transcripts were analysed by two separate coders using Thematic Analysis. Findings. The accessibility and novelty of using the internet for weight loss was the initial motivation of engagement. Barriers to adherence included time, effort and excessive reminders. Ongoing engagement was facilitated by face to face contact and perceived success of changes. Discussion. This study identified facilitators and barriers to adherence that can inform the development of new eHealth behaviour change interventions and highlights the potential for use of eHealth alongside weight management advice within primary care settings.






Oral presentations