Digital Interventions Targeting Alcohol and Tobacco use in Adolescents and Young Adults: a Systematic Review.


  • S.-R. Voolma
  • S. Sutton
  • F.Naughton


Background:Digital interventions are increasingly used for changing alcohol and tobacco use in young people. This review aims to assess the efficacy of digital interventions targeting alcohol and tobacco use in young people, to update existing evidence and to expand the range of digital components reviewed. Methods:Electronic databases were searched for randomised and quasi-randomised trials targeting individuals aged 15-24, which reported either alcohol or tobacco outcomes, and which involved a direct interface between the participants and the digital intervention components. Findings:2259 unique articles were found. 94 studies from abstract and reference searching were retained for full text screening. Data extraction includes the effect of digital interventions on alcohol and tobacco consumption outcomes and the duration and use of digital interfaces in the delivery of the intervention. Discussion:Digital interventions in young people might provide a promising intervention channel for alcohol and tobacco use behaviours. The results will inform a pilot trial for a digital intervention tackling alcohol and tobacco use in adolescents and young adults in Estonia.






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