Health and Well-being of Patients After Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) – Psychological Predictors


  • H. Wrona-Polanska


Background: The theoretical base of researches is Helena Wrona-Polanska’s Functional Model of Health (FMH Wrona-Pola?ska 2003), in which health is a function of creative coping with stress. Psychological predictors of health and well-being were: level of stress and personal resources. 141 patients after BMT - 80 males and 61 females – at the Hematology Clinic of Jagiellonian University of Collegium Medicum, were studied clinically. Methods: Examined methods were the questionnaires: Spielberger `s STAI , Endler`s , Parker`s CISS and CHIP, Antonovsky`s SOC-29 , Rosenberg`s self-esteem scales,10-point rating scales of sense of health and sense of calm. Objective health was examined by physician on the 10-point rating scale. Findings: Health and well-being depended on styles and effective coping strategies with stress, personal resources and temporal factor since transplantation. Discussion: The basis of health promotion of persons after BMT is development effective coping with stress and increase personal resources.






Oral presentations