Health Related Physical Functioning and Usage of Addictive Substances in Adults


  • E. Adomaviciute
  • A. Gostautas
  • M. Anskaityte
  • J. Zibudaite


Background: Health related quality of life (HRQoL) maybe differently related to usage of alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances (ATA). The aim of this study is to disclose the relationship between the physical functioning of HRQoL and usage of ATA. Methods: The data of participants in Kaunas regional health project 913 males and 1317 females investigated by WHO HRQoL-100 scales of physical functioning, self-rated health (SRH) and items for evaluation ATA were analyzed using ?² and Spearman correlational tests by SPSS.16 software. Cronbach's alpha coefficients 0.8-0.9. Findings: Better physical functioning is related with better general health and younger. Better physical functioning in males and females was related to higher involvement in ATA (p<0.001) (including more positive attitude towards usage of ATA), better SRH and less willingness to consult psychologists (p<0.001). Discussion: The findings about the level of physical functioning are of value for health psychologists planning health promotive and preventive activities for chronic diseases and untimely deaths.






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