Job Satisfaction and Positivity in a Multicultural Environment of Multinational Corporations


  • B.A. Basinska
  • M. Rozkwitalska


Background: Although job satisfaction is widely analyzed, it has received limited attention in the literature on cultural diversity. The aim of this paper was to analyze how a multicultural environment of multinational corporations (MNCs) impacts on job satisfaction of employees, who interact with representatives of different cultures. Methods: The narrative review of theoretical and empirical studies was used. Results: The theoretical conceptualization of job satisfaction showed that job satisfaction includes both cognitive and affective components. The narrative review revealed that the effect of cultural diversity on job satisfaction was inconsistent. A positive organizational scholarship (POS) lens, including subjective well-being and positivity, was applied. Cultural diversity in a working environment was positively related to the cognitive component of job satisfaction, however, it was negatively associated with the affective component. Discussion: Having implemented the POS lens, it has been indicated that job satisfaction and positivity appear to be associated with a multicultural setting of MNCs in different ways. The recommendations for future research are presented.






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