Normative Beliefs, Self-determination and Alcohol use Among Slovak University Students: Slice Study


  • M. Brutovská
  • O
  • Orosová
  • J. Benka


Background: The aim of the study is to investigate the contributions of normative beliefs (NB) and self-determination (awareness of self and perceived choice) (SD) on Slovak university students' alcohol use (AU). Methods: The data were collected online from 814 university students (75.22% females; M=19.61; SD=1.42), who filled in the AUDIT-C, items of NB and self-determination scale. T-tests and linear regression were used for data analysis. Findings: Gender differences were found in AU. Males had a higher level of AU. Further analyses were conducted separately by gender. Linear models were statistically significant and explained 14.1% and 14.3% of the variance in males' and females' AU respectively. A higher level of AU was associated with (1) a higher level of NB for males and females and (2) lower awareness for males. Discussion: The findings showed gender differences in the contribution of variables to AU. The results are relevant for improving intervention effectiveness by focusing on (1) the development of awareness of self (it is a precursor of additional competences which closely relate to AU) and (2) correcting normative beliefs regarding the prevalence of AU.






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