Health-risk Behaviors Among Students of University of Zadar


  • M. Cifrek-Kolaric
  • A. Vulic-Prtoric
  • M. Miocic-StoÅ¡ic
  • A. Tucakovic


Background: The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of risk-health behaviors among students of University of Zadar in order to identify potential student risk groups for educational health programs. Methods: Survey comprised a sample of 500 students of University of Zadar aged 18-35. A questionnaire was designed to examine five areas of risk-health behaviors: eating habits, physical activity, cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol and risk sexual behaviors. Findings: 48% of female and 23% of male students do not participate in any physical activity and in the same time 35% of females and 21% of males spend 4 and more hours a day in front of the computer. 60% of students are smoking cigarettes and 80% of them have drunk alcohol at least once in the last 30 days. 75% percent of females have entered into sexual relationships, but 41% of them have never visited gynecologist. Discussion: The findings of the present study suggest the need for health promotion programs with special emphasis on importance of regular physical activity and taking care of reproductive health.






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