Using Surveys of Patients Experiences and Satisfaction With Cystic Fibrosis Care for Quality Improvement


  • H. Ellemunter
  • K. Stahl
  • M. Busche
  • J. Eder
  • U. Smrekar
  • J. Ellemunter
  • G. Steinkamp


Background: Quality management programmes were implemented at the CF centre Innsbruck more than ten years ago, including regular ISO 9001:2000 certificates. To account for the patients' opinion on our services, we prospectively evaluated the experience and satisfaction of parents, CF adults, and adolescents and used the results for quality improvement. Methods: In 2009, we participated in a pilot study to develop a CF specific patient's experience and satisfaction questionnaire. Two years later, a nationwide survey was performed in Germany using the same instrument. Our centre also took part in that survey. Findings: In 2009 and 2011, 63 and 76 (78%) participants from IBK (both parents and adult patients) responded to the surveys. Ideal problem scores of 0%, indicating no problems for the respective topic, were reported in 2009 for 15% and 19% of all items by adults and parents, respectively. The thirteen adolescents reported more problems. After quality improvement measures had been implemented, the percentage of ideal scores increased to 32% and 48% (adults and parents) in 2011, also for adolescents better follow-up results were achieved. Conclusion: The CF specific questionnaire identified strengths and weaknesses of patient care " through the patients' eyes." After improving procedures, lower problem scores in the 2011 IBK survey indicated the success of certain measures.






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