Alcohol Awareness Survey of Parents who Have Elementary-Aged Child


  • K. Eto
  • M. Asada
  • T. Matsushita
  • M. Inoue
  • R. Ichiyanagi


Background Prior research has suggested that parental involvement is needed for alcohol prevention program. In this research, we focus on how much knowledge dose parents has about alcohol and clarify what kinds of knowledge should be incorporated into alcohol prevention program. Methods 348 parents who have child aged 6 or younger completed questionnaire about knowledge related to alcohol, genetic constitution, experience to offer alcohol for their child, and ideas about the contents of alcohol prevention program. Findings The highest item that participants answered correctly was knowledge about acute alcohol intoxication is consequence of drinking alcohol excessively in short time, and the lowest one was about drinking alcohol causes pancreatitis and diabetes. 1.1 % of participants answered that they have ever offered alcohol to their child, and the main ideas they expects for alcohol prevention program for children was to teach bad influence of alcohol on children body. Discussion This result indicated that many parents has insufficiency knowledge about the effects of alcohol on human health and alcohol prevention program should be include this type of knowledge for the parents.






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