Stand by ME’ - Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis Confers Equivalent QUALITY-OF-LIFE and Emotional Well Being Outcomes to Self Care Peritoneal Dialysis for Patients and CAREGIVERS.


  • K. Griva
  • C.S. Goh
  • Z.L. Yu
  • S.Y. Yu
  • K. Thanaletchumi
  • CM
  • M. Foo


Introduction: Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) involving family members allows more patients to get started on home-based dialysis with good clinical outcomes. The impact of assisted PD on patient and caregiver is not well understood. This study aimed to compare assisted-PD vs. self-care PD on adjustment outcomes for patients and caregivers. Methods: N=231 PD patients (89/142 assisted PD/self-care) completed measures of QOL and emotional distress. Caregivers (N=112) completed the Lay Care-Giving for Adults Receiving Dialysis questionnaire and Zarit Burden Interview. Findings: Casemix adjusted comparisons indicated comparable QOL between assisted-PD and self-care PD in all dimensions with the exception of the SF-12 physical component score) and the KDQOL- effects of kidney disease in favor of the self-care group (<.01). Levels of anxiety and depression were equivalent. Caregiver of assisted-PD patients reported more task orientated-duties (p < .01) yet levels of perceived burden were equal to family members of self-care PD. Discussion: Our findings of equivalent caregiver and patient outcomes in assisted-PD and self-care PD support the expansion of assisted PD utilization.






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