Integrating FAMILY-FOCUSED Practice Into Routine Addiction Services


  • C.L. Hampson
  • A.G. Copello
  • J. Orford


Background: The problems associated with substance misuse pervade the lives of the family as well as the individual drinker or drug user. As a result of being concerned about a person with an alcohol or drug problem, it has been estimated that approximately one hundred million people worldwide experience considerable daily dilemmas and stress. Treatments for substance misuse problems have, historically, tended to focus on the individual substance misuser only. Methods: An evaluation of a training program promote a whole organisation shift towards greater involvement of affected family members within one UK addiction treatment service. A two-phase mixed-methods quasi-experimental design, integrating action research, is described. Findings: Staff receiving training reported significant increases in positive attitudes towards family-focused practice; and increases in the proportion of family-focused practice in their daily routine work. Improvements in attitudes were also evident in the absence of the training package in the comparison group. Discussion: Supports an organisational platform to implement change towards more family-focused addiction treatment.






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