Effects of Organizational Characteristics on Employees’ Health and Performance in the Geriatric Care Sector


  • D. Horstmann


Due to the demographic change the health care sector faces a particularly intense shortage of skilled staff as well as a situation of increasing work-related strains. To support employees’ health and to reduce their strains organizational characteristics are of importance. The presented study investigates the effects of organizational characteristics on employees’ health and organizational performance. Data was collected in 28 nursing homes, surveying the head of management, supervisors and employees (n = 1.017). Employees’ health, commitment and work satisfaction as well as organizational characteristics were measured by questionnaire. First results show significant correlations between employees’ health, commitment and organizational characteristics. Moreover multivariate analysis was calculated, identifying organizational characteristics, in particular the care for employees, as significant predictors of employees’ health and commitment. The findings underline the importance of organizational characteristics for employees’ health. Putting employees’ needs in the center of attention reduces not only their strains but leads to greater employee engagement.






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