Expert Interviews to Capture the Support Needs of Siblings of Chronically ill or Disabled Children


  • M. Jagla
  • G.H. Franke
  • P. Hampel


Background: Distress and resources of healthy siblings of chronically ill or disabled children have been investigated only in a few studies. Findings point to a reduced quality of life and increased prevalence of behavioral problems, but they’re hardly any approaches to primary prevention. Aim of the study was to carry out expert interviews to detect the need for support from an expert point of view. Methods: 10 experts, people who work with chronically ill or disabled children or with their siblings in the medical, educational and or social area, were studied with semi-structured interviews concentrated on help and support requirements. Interviews were analyzed according to qualitative content analysis. Findings: The results showed that the experts consider the relief of the parents and the child-oriented teaching of coping strategies, social skills training and resource activation as very important elements of support. Discussion: Apart from the results of the expert interviews, interviews with siblings should be carried out to take account of their needs when developing a primary intervention for siblings of chronically ill or disabled children.






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