Internet-based Stress Management Program: Effects on Health and Functioning

  • E. Kazlauskas
  • P. Zelviene
  • E. Mazulyte
  • P. Skruibis
  • M. Dovydaitiene


Background: Recent studies on e-health web-based solutions show promising results. The main goal of this study was to facilitate change and increase daily life functioning for people who experienced traumatic stressors. Methods: 10 women aged from 20 to 61 years, who experienced at least one traumatic event, participated in this study. 8 session internet-based stress management program developed by the authors of this study included writing task once in a week, with a response from a professional psychologist. Functioning and health measures were made online. Research was funded by a grant (No. MIP-011/2012) from the Research Council of Lithuania. Findings: Stress management program had significant positive effects on health and daily functioning of participants. Discussion: This study demonstrated promising results of web-based e-health solutions for trauma exposed persons, and indicates perspectives of cost-effective stress management programs for prevention of health related problems.
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