Japanese Nurse Awareness in Relation to the Children of Female Cancer Patients


  • Y. Kitou
  • R. Takahashi
  • M. Okumura,N. Tabuchi
  • K. Shimada
  • I. Nakano


Aims: The purpose of this study was to clarify the awareness of Japanese nurse in relation to the children of female cancer patients. Method: Data were collected 7 Japanese nurses through semi-structured interviews and content analysis was performed. Findings: The following 7 categories were extracted: "background of nurses who are practicing family nursingâ€, "cooperation between medical teams that support the children and the familiesâ€, "patients who are mothers as well", "Nurse consideration for children", "families who support children affected by the mother's cancer treatment", "family functions", "connection between families with children and the local community" Discussion: The nurse had taken into account the fact that the female cancer patients had children, so they were aware that their work also extended to patient's family.






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