Acute Exercise Bout Affects Urges for Sweets and Physical Activity Participation in Overweight Regular Sweet Consumers


  • L. Ledochowski
  • G. Ruedl
  • M. Wolf
  • M. Kopp


Background: We investigated the effects of an acute exercise bout (AEB) on urges to consume sweets, affect and responses to stress and a sweet cue. Potential long-term effects on physical activity (PA) were assessed 12 months later. Methods: Following 3 days of chocolate-abstinence 47 overweight, sweet consumers were assessed, on separate days, in 2 randomly ordered conditions, in a within-subject design: 15-min brisk walk or passive control. Following each, participants completed 2 tasks: Stroop color–word interference task, and handling sweets. Urges for sweets, affective activation and valence were assessed. 30 of the 47 participants completed questionnaires about their exercise behaviour 12 months later. Findings: ANOVAs revealed sig. condition x time interaction effects for: urges for sweets (p<0.01, eta2 =0,245), valence (p<0.01, eta2 =0,183), and activation (p<0.01, eta2 =0,130). 65.6 percent of those surveyed reported more PA since study participation. Discussion: Obtained data show a potential of AEB in reducing food craving in overweight people; participating in an AEB study may increase PA – levels. The potential of AEB in weight reduction programs should be explored.






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