The Effect of Direct and Indirect Education on Attitudes of Parents of Children With Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Towards Medication Treatments


  • M. Lotfizadeh
  • P. Safavi
  • M. Sedehi
  • F. Shahidi


Background: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common childhood behavioral disorders causing hyperactivity, attention deficit and education decline among children. Regarding the importance of medication treatment, this study was performed to compare the effect of two methods (Direct and Indirect) of education of parents of children with ADHD on their attitudes about medication, treatment satisfaction and medication compliance. Methods: In this quasi- experimental study, sixty one parents of children with ADHD who referred the child and adolescent psychiatry clinic in Shahrekord were randomly assigned to direct and indirect education groups. The first group (direct group) was attended in groups four sessions. The second group was given education booklet with the same content. Participants were evaluated before and one month after education in terms of their attitudes to medication, treatment satisfaction and treatment compliance. Results: After intervention, the mean scores of attitudes about medication and satisfaction with treatment were care significantly improved in the direct education groups. There was significant difference in the direct education group .whereas in indirect education group, significant difference was not statistically observed. Both groups had significantly increased treatment compliance one month after education, change of mean score attitudes to medication consumption at the end of the periods was significantly different in direct group comparing indirect education group. Conclusion: Direct or conventional education was more effective in treatment rather than indirect education on improvement of attitudes towards medication and increase in treatment satisfaction, this study suggests and significant influence on disorder children in family and school environment.






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