Older Adults' Experiences and Management of Multiple Conditions: a Systematic Review and Qualitative Meta-synthesis


  • J. Mc Sharry
  • G.D. White
  • P. Bower
  • D. French


Background Multimorbidity, the co-occurrence of multiple conditions, is particularly prevalent in older populations. Developing effective interventions requires an awareness of how multimorbidity impacts patients’ lives. The aim of this review is to develop a conceptual framework of older adults’ experiences and management of multimorbidity through a systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies. Methods Electronic databases were searched using multiple condition and qualitative methodology search terms. Included papers were synthesised using the meta-ethnographic approach described by Noblit and Hare. Findings The use of meta-ethnography allowed for the development of a higher order interpretation of older adults' experiences of managing multiple conditions. Preliminary analysis indicates that multiple-medication issues are a key challenge across studies. Discussion This review will contribute to the development of a patient-focused evidence base to inform intervention development, clinical care and policy. The review findings will also be used to explore how existing health psychology concepts may need modification for use with older multimorbid populations.






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