The Effectiveness of cbt on odd Symptoms and Social Problem Solving Skills Among Children and Preadolescent Students


  • H. Rezabakhsh
  • E. Hassankhani


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of CBT on ODD symptoms and social problem solving skills among children and preadolescent students. The research method was a quasi-experimental one with Pre-Post design with a control group. The sample included 40 subjects who were divided into two experimental and control groups according to random assignment, including twenty ones in each. Two scales were used Behavioral Disorders Questionnaire (M.Rutter, teacher's form 1967) , and Social Problem Solving Skills Inventory (Dodge,Batez & Petit,1990), accompanied with the diagnostic interview according to DSM-IV-TR. the experimental group received ten individual CBT sessions ,three times a week , each one 45 minutes. the date were analyzed by ANCOVA statistical tool. The Results indicated that there was a significant difference between the scores of the experimental and control subjects (P< 0.01). In conclusion , CBT intervention can reduce the symptoms of ODD and can increase the appropriate social problem solving skills in children and preadolescent. Keywords: CBT, ODD, social problem solving skills, children and preadolescent.






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