The More - the Worse? Body Image and Personality in Pierced Adults


  • K. Stuerz
  • I. Kapferer
  • U. Beier
  • Z. Angermann
  • V. Guenther


Background: Body piercing and other body modifications have increased tremendously in popularity in recent years. Surprisingly few studies have explored the extent to which body piercing is also related to aspects of body image. The main of the study was to gather precised data on personality characteristics and various aspects of body image in pierced adults. Further we wanted to know if single pierced and multiple pierced differ in these parameters. Methods: 62 persons with piercing were investigated with questionnaires assessing body image, personality traits including sensation seeking. Findings: Our questionnaire survey confirms that there are no remarkable values in all psychological parameters studied. Significant differences can be found between persons with one body piercing and those with more than one, who are characterized by a lesser feeling of attractiveness and less self-confidence and a higher feeling of uncertainty and anxiety toward their body. Discussion: Physicians and therapists who are confronted with patients’ desire of getting pierced should always mention the subject of enhancing attractiveness through piercing and potential problems with body image.






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