From Person to Environment: Living With a Disability in Romania


  • A. Vrabete
  • A. Baban


Background: The well-being and quality of life of people with disability is strongly influenced by the experience of disability, which cannot be isolated from the context of the place one lives in. This study aims to investigate the meanings of living with a motor disability in the physical, social and cultural context of Romania. Methods: Thematic analysis was conducted upon the content of online discussion forums for persons with disability. The content was coded into categories, subsequently leading to the major themes related to the experience of living with a disability in Romania. Findings: The main emerging themes are related to loss, social isolation, environmental barriers, as well as positive reinterpretation, renegotiating the self-image, and rebuilding social roles. Discussion: Negotiating self-care, day-to-day activities, and social and professional roles varies as a function of individual, environmental, social and cultural factors. These findings shed light upon the everyday life of a population that remains significantly invisible in Romania, as well as on possible actions that can be taken to enhance participation and well-being for persons with disability.






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