Coping With Stage Fright in the Context of Health Promotion


  • H. Wrona-Polanska
  • M. Polanska
  • M. Polanski


Background: A study on the relationship between level of stage fright, coping styles and personal resources of musicians and actors is presented. The theoretical base of the researches is Functional Model of Health (FMH, Wrona-Pola?ska 2003), in which health is a function of creative coping with stress. Examined persons were: 208 students of music and actors schools, 83% musicians, 17% actors - 36% men and 64% women. Methods: Examined methods were the questionnaires: Spielberger`s STAI, Endler`s, Parker`s CISS, Antonovsky`s SOC-29 , Rosenberg`s self-esteem scales,10-point rating scales of sense of health and sense of calm. Findings: Effective coping with stage fright depends on coping styles and level of personal resources: sense of coherence, positive self-esteem, social support and good instrumental preparation for the performance. The level of stage fright is a function of creative coping and personal resources. Discussion: To promote health should: increase personal and social resources.






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