The Link Between Women‘s Spirituality, Health Beliefs and Prevention of Breast Cancer


  • J. Zibudaite
  • A. Perminas


Backround: The aim of the study was to identify the link between women‘s spirituality, health beliefs and prevention of breast cancer. Method: The participants of study were 233 female participants from 25 to 68 years old (mean age 37,58±10,97) with no breast cancer diagnosis were investigated by regularity questions of prevention practice, Spirituality Scale (Delaney, 2005) and Health Belief Model for Breast Self-Examination (Champion, 1984). All items were analyzed by using Spearman correlation, T-test and Logistic Regression. Findings: The results of the study showed that relation between the higher women‘s spirituality (self-discovery), beliefs and BSE depend on the age of women. Women‘s under 50 higher spirituality (self-discovery and relationships) is related to more positive beliefs of BSE and with more frequent participation in breast self-examination, clinical examination and mammographic screening. Women’s over 50 higher spirituality (eco-awareness and relationships) is related to less frequent practice of breast self-examination. Discussion: According to the age, women’s spirituality is an important factor planning preventive activities of breast cancer.






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