Online Mindfulness vs Progressive Muscle Relaxation vs a Combination of Both as a Treatment of Migraine: Empowering Clients in Their Choice of Treatment to Control Their Chronic Headache.


  • J. Egan
  • E.Chepucova
  • B. McGuire


Background: It is unclear as to whether online mindfulness or progressive muscular relaxation (PMR) or a combination of both result in the best outcomes for people with chronic headache (Tension, Migraine & Cluster Headaches). Method: An online study which randomised people to one of three treatment groups; PMR, Mindfulness or combined PMR & Mindfulness (approximately 30 in each group). Groups were compared before and after 6 weeks of treatment and at one month follow-up across a number of pain, QOL & mental health measures. Findings: Both mindfulness and combined mindfulness with PMR performed significantly better than PMR alone. This effect was repeated across pain interference, medication usage, perceived illness threat and levels of pain catastrophization. PMR alone was more successful at lowering levels of anxiety than Mindfulness or the combined treatment. Discussion: These initial results suggest that mindfulness alone or with PMR may be an effective intervention to improve symptom severity and related disability in people with chronic headache